Sean Cody: Zack and Jarek: Bareback

“ I’ve never kissed a guy,” Zack said like he was confessing something meaningful. “ You’ve never kissed a guy!?” Sean Cody said playfully, while giving him a hard time. “What’s up with that?” … “I dunno …” he said. “Just never have …” Sean could see that Jarek was instantly intrigued. “Good thing I’m all clean shaven,” he said. They both laughed. Zack said a few random things out of nervousness and then Jarek leaned in and surprised him with a kiss. “Wow!” Zack said. “He’s definitely a good kisser!” He was clearly ready to get things going! … “Wait ‘til my tongue is in your ass!” Jarek said without skipping a beat. Soon after he had not only had his tongue in Jack’s arse, but also his raw dick too!

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Sean Cody: Zack and Jordan: Bareback

“ I’ve been looking forward to this,” Zack said. “It felt really good last time. I really wanted to do it again!” There was only thing he was worried about. “Well, last time …” he said hesitantly. “I kept feeling like I was going to cum.” “That’s normal” Sean Cody explained, “… some guys have more sensitive prostates than others …” … Zack seemed relieved. “Just relax and let go. Enjoy yourself!” Sean advised. Jordan was also there to lend support. “ I’ll take it easy on you,” he said. “… At first!”

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