BelAmiOnline: Paul Cassidy and Viggo Sorensen

Two of the most popular chat boys from BelAmiOnline have teamed up for this video. Coming off a marathon 20-hour chat session, Paul Cassidy is still horny and up for what he calls ‘real sex’ with the handsome Viggo Sorensen. Both guys spend a lot of time working out, and are more exhibitionistic than most and can regularly be found at one of the many outdoor gyms around Prague. The results definitely show as they both have great bodies and definitely a high level of stamina for sex. Paul is the top in today’s episode which leaves Viggo in his favourite role as bottom.

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CockyBoys: Sean Zevran and Rhyheim Shabazz

Sean Zevran and Rhyheim Shabazz are together again … for the first time at CockyBoys! In this condom-free rematch Sean returns to welcome Rhyheim, self-produced porn star and though they’ve filmed before, they have all the enthusiasm of first timers. Their friendly but powerful sexual chemistry abounds from the start as Sean gulps down Rhyheim’s long boner while Rhyheim fingers and devours Sean’s big muscular arse…and neither can get enough!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Clark Peter and Colton Grey: Clark Is A Hole

It’s been awhile since the crew over at Guys In Sweatpants have seen Clark’s hole get stretched out, and he wanted Colton and his thick man meat to do the honours. Clark may have a big dick, but he loves being a willing hole for a big cock just as much as the next bottom. Sometimes you just wanna use a hole until it drains every last drop of your load out, especially when that hole turns into a huge cum slut at the end and lets his top wipe and spit his load in his mouth and face! Another sloppy hole fucked and satisfied!

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