ChaosMen: Austin and Mason RAW

Mason is as smooth as they come … even his pubes looked trimmed! Austin is still not ready to bottom, but the guys eagerly blow each other. Though Austin and Mason both excel at topping, Mason sure is enjoying bottoming in this RAW ChaosMen video. Mason gets pretty close to coming in a semi-standing position. He unloads A LOT of DNA! Austin seemed far from coming, so Mason said he would take a facial … Austin is a shooter and it flies everywhere, with some hitting Mason’s mouth, but mostly coating his entire body. When Austin’s dick shoots, it is like an unmanned fire hose squirting every which way!

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ChaosMen: Jake Lyons and Vander RAW

Jake has done a lot of work for ChaosMen, but even he was psyched about doing it video, and after the scene said it was definitely the highlight of his year. And Vander couldn’t be more in daddy heaven calling him boy and fucking him hard and fast with his fat cock. And Jake loved it! So much so that Jake cums, and then Vander breeds him, which made Jake cum a second time, cum dripping out of his ass.

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ChaosMen: Heath and Vander RAW

Vander himself actually suggested he work with Heath. He saw him on the ChaosMen site and decided he wanted to mess around with him. As for Heath, he wasn’t to sure. He looked up Vander on the site too, and as it was to be a flip-flop video he was a bit wary of Vander’s dick’s size! You gotta laugh tho … the boys have a “safe” word to yell out if things are hurting too much … it is “Pineapple!” You just have to watch the video to see how many times you can hear “Pineapple!”.

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