Czech Hunter: Getting A Lad Into The Car

The Czech Hunter cameraman hurt his legs a few weeks ago and is still using crutches … so the streets have been safe for young straight guys for a while! But he’s feeling better and decided to go out and about and try to get a guy into his car. He drove around for almost half an hour before he saw a young lad on the street and decided to stop and ask him for directions … then, of course, his true purpose was made known and he offered the young man a few 1000 crowns and a lift if he got into the car for a quick fondle and blow job … and perhaps more?

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UK Naked Men: Ryan Cage and Troy Vara: Bareback Flip Fuck

Just before the Christmas break, UK Naked Men give us a good, long, hard look at this fantasy scenario of what’s happening in Teacher Ryan Cage’s class! Troy Vara is an eager pupil, but he’s just not got what it takes in the brain stakes, he’s gonna have to make up those grades somehow! Troy’s a stunning blonde with pale blue eyes and a broad muscular body, a stiff, uncircumcised cock and a willing hole! This dark haired cutie is also a very versatile fuck … and that’s exactly what’s about to happen here … check it out below … plus it’s all bareback too!

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