ChaosMen: Cooper Reed and Troi: RAW Flip Flop Fuck

If you are ChaosMen fans, then you are gonna love this video! Not only because you get to see Cooper Reed sit on Troi’s giant raw cock, but also because Troi finally bottomed! Before they started filming Cooper told the cameraman that he would be fine bottoming, but he didn’t know then that Troi was rather well-endowed. But he said he had taken big cocks before, so didn’t think it would be all that challenging. But poor Troi, he didn’t exactly volunteer to bottom, but he was made to feel kinda guilty for being so horse-hung! Both guys are uncut, and they did a great job servicing each others cocks. Then Cooper gets Troi doggy-style and licks his hole, getting it all nice and slippery wet. He manages to get a couple fingers in there in order to loosen him up. After they fuck, they switch around and Cooper then sits on Troi’s cock, and he swears it is is the biggest cock he has sat on! Check it out below …

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ChaosMen: Troi and Wren: Pure

ChaosMen decided to film these two hunk in one of their “Pure” video formats … a little light bandage, blind-folds etc and they deliberately kept Troi’s rather large endowment a secret from Wren … keeping it a surprise until he was presented with it to suck blindfolded. Wren is an amazing bottom, and the guy can really take a large cock, staying hard the entire time. Even riding on top, his hard cock barely moves as he flops up and down on top of Troi’s raw stick … check it out!

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ChaosMen: Vander and Troi

This is Troi’s first full-on fuck video. He has “reluctantly” fucked guys before, but he admitted he never was with a dude that compared to Vander. Vander loves to rim a guy, and before the anal sex started, he got to go back and forth between Troi’s tasty arsehole and massive uncut cock, and before long he had Troi hard and ready to go … Vander started off by sitting on Troi’s ginormous cock, then he side-saddles Troi’s dick, and the ChaosMen cameraman is pretty sure Troi has never had anyone take his raw cock up their butthole so eagerly and skilfully!

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ChaosMen: Malik and Troi

In this super-hot barebacking video, ChaosMen was able to get the guys to indulge in some nice armpit worship. At first the film crew were expecting Malik would just sniff and lick Troi’s pits. Instead, Malik totally fucks Troi’s armpit, then makes Troi suck and wet his now musky cock. It’s super-hot seeing a straight guy suck on another man’s cock that has just been in his own armpit! Next Troi rims Malik’s arsehole, and then sucks Malik’s monster cock backwards between his legs. After slicking up Malik’s hole with his spit, Troi slides his cock in surprisingly easily! It sure does make you wonder how good Troi’s cock must feel buried so deep inside you!

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