BelAmiOnline: Rick Lautner and Tim Campbell: Condom Free

Category : BelAmiOnline

Both Tim and Rick are completely versatile guys sexually. The romance and passion between them in this video from BelAmiOnline starts from the beginning when a foot massage turns into something much more, quite quickly! The romantic set of the scene soon turns into hot and wild bareback fucking! Rick fucks Tim in every possible way and then shoots a giant load all over Tim’s back. Tim follows fast and gives Rick a generous facial in return!

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Active Duty: Brock and Tim: Bareback

Category : Active Duty

This scene from Active Duty opens with Brock and Tim on the bed … hands start to fish around inside jeans, groping for rods that are quickly coming to life. Tim repeatedly glances at Brock’s package and what he’s working with. The shirts and pants start to come off, and the guys start jerking off one another. Then they settle into a 69 position for a spell, sucking on one another’s big pieces as things get more heated. Then it’s time for the pounding to commence, and Brock’s on his back, legs flung in the air, and Tim is spearing into him — bareback. This is a hot fuck and only ends after some amazing anal action and Tim ends up with a really hot cum facial!

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Active Duty: Evan and Tim: Raw Flip Fuck

Category : Active Duty

Remember Evan? What a cutie-pie! Well, he’s back here with Active Duty today with the shredded Tim for a super-hot bareback flip flop fuck! Check it out!

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BelAmiOnline: Mark Ruffalo and Tim Campbell: Raw Flip Fuck

Category : BelAmiOnline

Today BelAmiOnline hottie Marc Ruffalo is out at the pool and Tim Campbell is preventing him from getting sun-burned … by carefully applying sunscreen all over him … then Tim suggests that they forget about the pool and head inside. It turns out that this was exactly what Marc was waiting for, having no interest in the pool other than getting a rub down from Tim. This flip-flop scene starts with Tim fucking Marc before they swap positions so Marc can prove to Tim how good he is at being on top of things as well.

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