Straight Fraternity: Thomas and Jeff: Action

Category : Str8 Fraternity

Today at Straight Fraternity is going to be both Thomas and Jeff’s first time performing in a video with some real “action”. The lads take turns sucking each other’s dicks before Thomas barebacks Jeff with his huge cut cock. He pulls out and cums all over Jeff’s back, then sticks it back in to fuck him some more. Finally, Jeff lies back so Thomas can provide a helping hand and jacks an impressive load out of him.

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Bare Adventures: Brad Jaw and Thomas Swings and Maxim Moira

Category : Bare Adventures

At his best when he has an eager audience, new boy Brad, who is small, but perfectly formed, shows off his sexy toned body to his new fans Maxim and Thomas … and these guys couldn’t be more turned on! Sitting between them bare-arsed naked, Brad gets them both to strip off for him, and you can see just what he thinks of them both as his dick grows before your very eyes. Maxim’s famed thick dick is naturally the star of this show from Bare Adventures, as he gets to fuck both of the other lads, starting off with the cropped Brad, sharing him between himself and Thomas, who feeds him dick, making him gobble down his hot boy dick first of all, as Maxim builds himself to pin him into position and fuck the life out of him!

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Bare Adventures: Thomas Fiaty and Zac Powers

Category : Bare Adventures

Zac is the perfect twink, and when you see how much meat he’s packing, you’ll wish you were the sexy, lithe, blond Thomas who gets this stripping lad all to himself today at Bare Adventures! After Zac gives Thomas a sexy strip-tease, the guys are both soon naked and Thomas is given one hell of a hot blowjob … then, lifting a leg up, he gives Zac free access to his hungry hole. Zac gets it ready, with some spit and his tongue, for the hugely thick and raw dick that’s soon to come it’s way!

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Bare Adventures: Thomas Swings and Sam Oliver

Category : Bare Adventures

It’s everyone’s favourite fantasy, a couple of topless labourers, working on your house, working up a sweat and working up a whole lot of sexual energy that they can’t control. These young men from Bare Adventures are exactly that … cute, smooth and with some delicious dicks they can’t get enough of!

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