FraternityX: Get That Arse Bro

Category : FraternityX

The lads from the FraternityX frat house like to shoot good quality videos for their members … after all, it pays their rent! So today, when AJ got wasted and kept interrupting their filming, they got upset with him! Stiffer threw him on the ground, held him down and tied the dumb ass to a bench press. Then the lads dumped their loads in and on him for the next couple of hours!

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FraternityX: Take That Dick, Bitch!

Category : FraternityX

FraternityX guys Stiffer and his buddy got super wasted recently. After trashing Mike’s hole, they threw him off the bed and went after Matt, who had been video taping the entire time. They ripped his clothes off, and thought he would be more pretty as a girl. So they put a wig on the bitch and called her Crystal and fucked her raw!

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FraternityX: A Good Arse Pounding

Category : FraternityX

Stiffer lost a bet on the game, but instead of paying the debt himself he served up fellow FraternityX bro Chris, the official frat bitch. His tight little arse was passed around the house for a couple hours. The drunker everyone got, the harder they pounded it. A couple dudes busted a nut in his mouth while Stiffer filled up his arse hole with his raw hard cock and cum!

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