Sean Cody: Dan and Sheridan: Bareback

Sean Cody reckons he’s never seen anyone as excited as Dan was about his first man-on-man sexual encounter! “I am so psyched!!” he said. He was beaming … smiling from ear to ear. “What are you looking forward to the most?” Sean quizzed him. He thought for a second. “To bust a nut,” he said. “ I’m pretty horny.” That made Sheridan laugh, “Yeah, I am too!” he agreed.

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Sean Cody: Sheridan and Jarek: Bareback

“Wow this is really unusual!” Sheridan said as Jarek was showing off his foreskin. “ I’ve never seen another one before!” … “Never?” Jarek asked. “Not in the shower at the gym or anything?” … “No,” Sheridan replied. “I haven’t” … Jarek laughed. Sean Cody knew that Sheridan was proud of his foreskin so it was fun seeing his unexpected reaction to another. “You know it feels a lot better when you get fucked by one of these!” Jarek said in his own cocky way. “Really?” Sheridan said. “I didn’t know …” … Jarek laughed again. He loves to fuck with people.

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