Sweet and Raw: Carl Baxter and Sam Brooks

Category : Sweet & Raw

Sweet and Raw model Carl Baxter is playing on the computer when fellow model Sam Brooks walks in … he’s horny and in need of cock. Dressed in his fetish gear — looking every bit the girly-boy, he entices Carl into some slow, sensual kissing that gets them both on fire. Carl sucks Sam’s cock while cupping his arse possessively then Sam, who turns into a face fucking dynamo, drops to his knees and returns the favour. Carl’s cock is enormous, only slightly bigger than Sam’s, but fatter. Carl pumps his mouth full of meat before taking possession of the twink’s sweet, pink fuckhole. He makes it his own, digging tongue and fingers in there before stuffing, pumping, and stretching the hole out with his big, thick, raw and uncut cock!

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Sweet and Raw: Ronny Howard and Billy Webster and Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter

Category : Sweet & Raw

Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter are together in the Sweet and Raw studios sauna taking in a good steam. Except the steam gets them all even hornier than usual. Sam pairs up with Billy for a sensual make-out and hand job session while, right beside them, Ronny and Carl pair off for the same. It’s soon a cock sucking free for all between Billy and Sam while Carl finger fucks Ronny. All four are soon out of the steam room and Billy takes Ronny first, fucking him with his big, fat raw cock as Carl and Sam look-on, kissing and stroking their own impressive meat.

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Sweet and Raw: Sam Brooks and Billy Webster

Category : Sweet & Raw

Sam Brooks is in the Sweet and Raw studios kitchen eating a banana and it’s obvious he’s horny. VERY horny. In fact, he’s so horny that he starts fingering himself while wearing his kinky underwear with a hole in the back for easy access. That’s when Billy Webster walks in. The super sexy, adorable and thick hung twink offers up his cock for Sam to satisfy his oral and raw anal cravings.

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