William Higgins: Romi and Petr Zuska

Sexy brothers Romi and Petr Zuska are having fun with each other today with William Higgins … they are dressed only in their jockstraps and dancing around together, their hips thrust provocatively as their hands and mouths explore each other’s bodies. Romi takes some oil and squirts it over Petr’s hot body, rubbing it over his chest. Romi bends over and pushes his arse suggestively up against Petr’s crotch, and then he faces his brother and begins to kiss him. He drops to his knees, pulling Petr’s jockstrap down, to release one very hard cock. Romi takes the cock in his mouth and begins to suck it. Then Petr drops to his knees, completely removing Romi’s underwear and takes hold of his cock to suck it too. Then Romi gets on his knees and presents his arse to Petr, who spreads his cheeks, pulling them apart and he soon has a finger deep in the hole, fucking it in and out. Not long after that he is plowing that tight hole with his hard, raw cock … fucking it deep!

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William Higgins: Petr and Romi and Rado Zuska: Brothers In A Bareback Threesome

How hot is this scene from William Higgins? … three sexy brothers all together in a scorching hot bareback threesome! Rado is the oldest of the three and takes his place in between the two younger brothers and gets to work on both of his brother’s hard uncut dicks with his mouth, lips and tongue. Then the younger pair flip the older guy over and fuck him bareback, before they all join in and cum together all over Romi’s face!

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