Active Duty: Wayne Tops Drew: Bareback

Sexy toned newbies Drew and Wayne return to the Active Duty bed once again. This time the two fit studs move from stroking each other to taking turns sucking each other’s beautiful stiff rods. Then, amazingly, Drew invites the studly Wayne to top him, saying that he wants him to. Wayne lubes up his bare pole and slides right on into Drew from behind. Drew is panting like a dog in summer as Wayne picks up the pace. Eventually, Drew is cursing and saying it’s too big and Wayne keeps going and builds to a big streaming load decorating Drew’s bubble bottom and arched back … hot bareback fuck!

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Straight Fraternity: Parker Tops Tad Bareback

Parker is straight and quite reluctant to arse-fuck another guy. But today he really needed the cash and agreed to fuck Tad, one of the member’s of the Straight Fraternity site … raw! First Tad got Parker hard … which didn’t take long … he may have been reluctant, but he sure was horny! Then he gave him a foot massage and a blowjob. Then once they were both naked and hard and ready to fuck … that’s what happened!

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ChaosMen: Austin and Mason RAW

Mason is as smooth as they come … even his pubes looked trimmed! Austin is still not ready to bottom, but the guys eagerly blow each other. Though Austin and Mason both excel at topping, Mason sure is enjoying bottoming in this RAW ChaosMen video. Mason gets pretty close to coming in a semi-standing position. He unloads A LOT of DNA! Austin seemed far from coming, so Mason said he would take a facial … Austin is a shooter and it flies everywhere, with some hitting Mason’s mouth, but mostly coating his entire body. When Austin’s dick shoots, it is like an unmanned fire hose squirting every which way!

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