William Higgins: Ondra Radni and Filip Cerny: Bareback

It is time to go to work and William Higgins model Ondra is outside fellow model Filip’s bedroom window and shouting at him to wake up … Filip, however, has other ideas and rolls over and goes back to sleep. Ondra has to take matters into his own hands, so he goes into the house and starts pulling the covers off of Filip. But soon he has joined him on the bed and is kissing him. Filip helps Ondra off with his dungarees and then removes his own underwear. He wanks Onra’s hot cock as he kisses him some more. Kneeling, facing each other, they wank on each other’s dicks. They move to a 69, laying on the bed again, each sucking each other other well. Ondra then moves onto his knees, bending over, and Filip rims his hot arsehole, teasing it with a finger too. With his cock so hard Ondra has Filip bend over on the bed, so he can fuck him raw. His cock slams in and out of Filip’s tight hole, fucking him deep and hard. Filip moans with each thrust, making Ondra fuck him even harder.

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William Higgins: Ondra Radni and Alan Carly: Raw

Ondra Radni is in the William Higgins studios garden working when he finds Alan Carly soundly sleeping on a bench. He wakes him up and pulls off his shorts. Alan stands and Ondra takes hold of his cock and begins to wank it. They kiss each other and Alan sits, rubbing his hands over Ondra’s sexy chest as they continue kissing. He sucks and licks one of Ondra’s nipples, then takes his hard cock in his mouth. As Ondra works the shorts off his legs Alan’s hot mouth is working over his cock. Then they swap places and Ondra sucks on Alan’s big hard dick too. His own cock stands proud as he wanks, licks and sucks on Alan’s. They move to a 69, with Ondra on top. He moves his cock in and out of Alan’s mouth and then leans over again to get some more cock himself. Ondra sits on the bench so that Alan can slide his tight arsehole over that throbbing raw cock. Alan slides up and down on Ondra’s cock, wanking himself as he rides … bareback!

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