ChaosMen: Kristopher and Micah

Category : ChaosMen

Both Kristopher and Micah are polished performers and both really get into this ChaosMen fantasy scene. This is Kristopher’s last shoot for a while as he leaves for military training and likely living overseas. True to their nature, the two of them click and it is so enjoyable watching two guys try to ‘out please’ the other guy … and not a condom in sight!

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ChaosMen: Mason and Micah: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Micah was pleased to be working with Mason at ChaosMen, and though Micah still identifies himself as straight, when he connects with a guy, he genuinely gets turned on, and enjoys getting fucked by the dude. So, enjoy these two guys who really are having fun trying to please the other guy!

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ChaosMen: Micah and Stone

Category : ChaosMen

Both Micah and Stone have both learned to love bottoming, yet both excel at topping, so ChaosMen thought a nice flip-flop video would work well. Before the filming started, the two of them were debating their favourite position to be fucked in, and they both said sitting on a cock is the best. So the cameraman had them flip-flop, taking turns sitting on each other’s dicks.

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ChaosMen: Micah and Rush RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Rush is straight and married and wasn’t really ready to bottom, but it seems the bills caught up with him, so he emailed ChaosMen saying he would try getting fucked but, “Not too much” … whatever that means! Micah, who excels at topping or bottoming, has his limits too, but he can fuck like a jack hammer, and take it up the ass till he cums. Very versatile type of guy.

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