Bare Adventures: John Horny and Maxim Moira

Category : Bare Adventures

Bare Adventures brings us more country-side labouring today … this time with a broken down tractor and two twinks eager to fix it up and get into the great outdoors! New face Maxim Moira has a perfect little body, smooth, slightly toned, but slender as anything, with a great big uncut dick swinging between his legs … it stands to attention as his fellow farm-hand works on it with his hot young lips wrapped around the shaft! It’s a real toss-up between who would be best to see get fucked, but Maxim’s delicious dick gets the pleasure of pounding John’s raw arsehole!

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Bare Adventures: Brad Jaw and Thomas Swings and Maxim Moira

Category : Bare Adventures

At his best when he has an eager audience, new boy Brad, who is small, but perfectly formed, shows off his sexy toned body to his new fans Maxim and Thomas … and these guys couldn’t be more turned on! Sitting between them bare-arsed naked, Brad gets them both to strip off for him, and you can see just what he thinks of them both as his dick grows before your very eyes. Maxim’s famed thick dick is naturally the star of this show from Bare Adventures, as he gets to fuck both of the other lads, starting off with the cropped Brad, sharing him between himself and Thomas, who feeds him dick, making him gobble down his hot boy dick first of all, as Maxim builds himself to pin him into position and fuck the life out of him!

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Bare Adventures: Maxim Moira and Lee Foxx

Category : Bare Adventures

Giving his boyfriend a treat strip-tease from the other side of the room, dark haired twink Maxim shows off his thin, toned and big juicy dick during his sexy sultry dance for his blond buddy. Laying there enjoying the show, Lee’s cock gets harder and harder as he watches Maxim waving around his huge thick dick … It’s not long afterwards and Maxim is crawling the length of the bed towards Lee’s waiting crotch and is soon taking the whole length and worshipping the entire area from his small heavy balls to his trimmed pubes and beyond. After some sexy playing with each other’s dicks, Maxim pushes Lee to the bed, pulls a leg high and does what any horny twink would do when he’s got a smooth pink hole at dick level … he fucks it … raw! The Bare Adventures cameras were there and captured all this hot action!

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