ChaosMen: Mason and Micah: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Micah was pleased to be working with Mason at ChaosMen, and though Micah still identifies himself as straight, when he connects with a guy, he genuinely gets turned on, and enjoys getting fucked by the dude. So, enjoy these two guys who really are having fun trying to please the other guy!

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ChaosMen: Austin and Mason RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Mason is as smooth as they come … even his pubes looked trimmed! Austin is still not ready to bottom, but the guys eagerly blow each other. Though Austin and Mason both excel at topping, Mason sure is enjoying bottoming in this RAW ChaosMen video. Mason gets pretty close to coming in a semi-standing position. He unloads A LOT of DNA! Austin seemed far from coming, so Mason said he would take a facial … Austin is a shooter and it flies everywhere, with some hitting Mason’s mouth, but mostly coating his entire body. When Austin’s dick shoots, it is like an unmanned fire hose squirting every which way!

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ChaosMen: Isaiah and Mason: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Mason has been doing straight porn, so his experience with dudes has been pretty limited. Even tho he’s straight, he volunteered to be the bottom in this ChaosMen video with Isaiah as he didn’t think he’d be able to keep his cock hard long enough to fuck another dude! Isaiah, on the other hand, even tho straight, has no trouble staying rock-hard … he’s just loves sex … period!

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ChaosMen: Heath and Mason: Flip Flop Fuck

Category : ChaosMen

Mason was confident he could be Top in this ChaosMen video. Tho he has no problems doing straight porn, he says he has given it up “cuz he finds the porn girls to be … off-putting”! The producer wasn’t quite so sure he could stay hard long enough the carry thru the whole shoot, so he told Heath, who is ever-hard, that he could top in one position … so this scene ended up being a raw flip flop fuck!

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