ChaosMen: Isaiah and Kristopher RAW

Isaiah is up for Topping and even sucking dick, but not ready to bottom. Thankfully Kristopher likes to do anything and everything. He has a touch of bi to him. Mostly straight, but he really thought Isaiah was a hot dude. ChaosMen reckon Isaiah thought Kristopher was a nice looking guy too. He really liked Kristopher’s ass because he had smooth cheeks. Isaiah has the perfect size dick for hitting all the right places. Kristopher had doubts that he could cum while being fucked again, but as soon as Isaiah started pounding him, he turned to the camera man and said, “No problem.”

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ChaosMen: Dwight and Kristopher

ChaosMen has been wanting to put these two together for a LONG time. Super Shy Dwight, with Super Sexual Kristopher. Apparently Kristopher can handle even the largest cock, but there is something about a cock like Dwight’s that really hits his sweet spot. In fact, throughout this entire video, Kristopher stays hard during most of the fucking, and he truly works the cock around in his ass … just like it was a toy! … and with Dwight always bone hard, Kristopher just spins circles around him – quite literally!

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ChaosMen: Chip and Kristopher: RAW

Kristopher really likes to top, and during this ChaosMen video he stays hard pretty much the entire time he’s fucking Chip, as evidenced by Chip keeping a hand placed on Kristopher’s thigh through out the first part of getting fucked. Not too deep dude! Chip pretty much “takes it” from Kristopher, and during the final standing position he started getting rock hard from being fucked and “kinda” started really enjoying it.

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