Sean Cody: Peter and Calvin and Joshua: Bareback Threesome

“It’s going to be a big fuck fest of porn and holes and lube and spit and jizz!” Calvin said, attempting to describe what he anticipated for this Sean Cody shoot today. Joshua was grinning. “This is going to be so much fucking fun!” He had his hands all over Calvin and Peter. The three of them were so excited they could barely contain it. Joshua leaned in and gave Calvin a kiss. Then he turned toward the camera and asked, “So what happens now?” … “Well … Peter fucks you,” Sean said “Then Calvin fucks you. Then you fuck Calvin. Then Peter fucks Calvin … basically lots of raw ass fucking!”

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Sean Cody: Joshua and Brandon: Bareback: Pt 2

“You have pretty big muscles,” Brandon said as he and Joshua were getting acquainted. “I saw you working out yesterday at the hotel gym.” … “Oh yeah?” Joshua replied. He was blushing. “Why didn’t you come over and say hi?” … Brandon laughed. “Cause I can’t just walk in and be like, ‘Hey, am I am fucking you tomorrow?’” … “That would have been perfect!” replied Joshua cheekily. The reality is that Joshua is up for anything … sure, he’s still the new kid on the block, but he was definitely into Brandon and he was definitely OK with Brandon taking charge. It was fun day at Sean Cody with these two being filmed. Joshua got bareback fucked all over the room until he was begging Brandon to breed his hole … “There is something hot as fuck knowing that this big stud came in my ass,” Joshua said afterward.

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