ChaosMen: Jet and Trevor: RAW

Trevor prefers to top, but he also enjoys bottoming, so ChaosMen knew he would enjoy a flip-flop video. Both he and Jet enjoy rimming, and the arse eating in this video is simply awesome. It’s great to watch Jet stroke his cock while he happily tongues Trevor’s hole. Turnabout is fair play, so it’s not long before Trevor lubes up Jet’s hole with spit, making it nice and slippery to push his cock inside. He struggles a bit to find the proper angle, but once he is up and stabilized, he fucks Jet like the pro he is …

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ChaosMen: Jet and Vander

This is the video that Chaosmen has been wanting to do with Jet for sometime now … that’s is, since he learned that Jet can cum multiple times. So they paired him with one of the site’s all-time favourite performers, Vander. Initially Vander was hoping to bottom for a bit, but once he started making Jet cum, he completely switched gears and got into “Top mode”. After some rimming the raw fucking starts … and amazingly Jet cums five times! … You only have to join to check it out!

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