ChaosMen: Hayden and Jamison RAW

It was time for Jamison to get fucked, and for his first time ChaosMen wanted someone smooth and who could stay hard so there would be no rushing to shove it in before it goes down type of Trauma. Hayden was the man as he is very good about actually getting the other dude aroused and almost begging to do whatever he wants. Its a subtle vibe or energy, but you can see Jamison is just taken by Hayden, and with all the sexual tension, he got fucked easily. Hayden’s dick never wilts the entire time, and that seemed to turn Jamison on even more.

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ChaosMen: Ezekiel and Hayden

Ezekiel told ChaosMen that he would be down for fucking another dude. He wasn’t ready to suck on dick yet, but since Hayden enjoys getting fucked, and he never takes it personally that a dude won’t suck him back, in today’s video he just gets in there and makes things happen. Hayden starts off by riding Ezekiel’s dick. A little wobbly to start with but they both quickly get their rhythm and we see some awesome penetration. Ezekiel is a little guy but his uncut cock can grow to a solid 7 – 8 inches. And Ezekiel’s first time breeding a guy goes very smoothly. He unloads on Hayden’s hole, rubs it round and juices him properly … but you’ll have to join ChaosMen to see that action!

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ChaosMen: Hayden and Isaiah RAW

Isaiah has done 4 or 5 videos for ChaosMen before, and the guy is pure unbridled energy. He puts everything into what he is doing … so much intensity … he is TOTALLY in the moment wherever the action is. The guys start off with some oral before Isaiah gets Hayden onto his back and fucks the cum out of his asshole. In the end Isaiah unleashed a giant load, coating Hayden’s asshole and balls … these guys REALLY worked well together … an awesome pairing!

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ChaosMen: Curtis and Hayden RAW

ChaosMen are in the throws of a “Bad Boy” theme with this hot video update … both Curtis and Hayden are tough straight dudes who enjoy hardcore RAW fucking, and they do it well! Curtis tops in this video, but as he is working thru his ideas on his sexual “limits”, he will apparently be doing a flip-flop video very soon. In the meantime, he’s here fucking Hayden’s butt in a variety of positions, doggy-style being Hayden’s best for nutting … enjoy!

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