Missionary Boys: Elder Hardt and Elder Harward

“Shhhh … keep quiet … there are other people in the building!” Elder Hardt said, without stopping. He was being quiet as he quickly buried the length of his hard dick into Elder Harward’s arsehole with deep long strokes. Elder Harward clearly was holding back as best he could … having to concentrate to not let his quiet whimpers become ecstatic screams of pleasure! You just have to watch these two studs from Missionary Boys as they fuck raw after a Bible Study session!

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Missionary Boys: Elder Hardt and Elder Harward and Elder Gonzalez

Just when they thought they were in the clear, Elders Hardt and Harward were interrupted by their older brethren. Seeing the elders in their underwear was an unexpected treat. The brethren had plans for just one elder, but that was quickly tossed out in favour of something a little more fun … and Missionary Boys were there with their cameras to capture all the group sex bareback action!

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