Sean Cody: Daniel and Brent: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Sean Cody just loves how dirty Daniel can be! “I am going to fuck the shit out of him,” Daniel said. He had been hanging out with Brent in the hot tub and he was taken with Brent’s doe-eyed innocence. “He’s like a little farm boy who needs to get fucked!” Daniel wasn’t the only one who was excited. “He’s really hot,” Brent said. “I love his salt-and-pepper hair!” The time Daniel and Brent spent in the hot tub was actually kind of romantic and it gave them an opportunity to get know each other. But romance doesn’t last, and once they got inside Daniel made good on his promise to fuck the shit out of Brent!

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Sean Cody: Brandon and Daniel: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Sean Cody reckons Daniel is ordinarily a rather dirty lad … but put him with a fucking hunk like Brandon and he goes absolutely nuts! Check them out as they fuck bareback for the cameras … a seriously hot scene!

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Sean Cody: Daniel and Ollie

Category : Sean Cody

The masculine hunky Daniel returns to Sean Cody this week to fuck the younger uncut hottie Ollie … bareback. Daniel checks out Ollie’s tight arsehole by spreading those gorgeous butt cheeks apart and getting his tongue deep into that arsehole, rimming it ready well, getting it all nice and slick and lubed up and ready for the hard bareback pounding it is about to receive!

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Sean Cody: Cameron and Daniel: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

The tall and sexy Cameron has returned to Sean Cody to do his first duo … with the hot and masculine Daniel. Daniel has bottomed a few times before, and so he is the more experienced of the two … but in spite of this it’s very hot to see the look of pain and/or ecstasy on his face as the tall and hung Cameron inserts his rock hard cock into his tight arsehole for the first time … no condoms either!

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