Sean Cody: Dan and Sheridan: Bareback

Sean Cody reckons he’s never seen anyone as excited as Dan was about his first man-on-man sexual encounter! “I am so psyched!!” he said. He was beaming … smiling from ear to ear. “What are you looking forward to the most?” Sean quizzed him. He thought for a second. “To bust a nut,” he said. “ I’m pretty horny.” That made Sheridan laugh, “Yeah, I am too!” he agreed.

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Active Duty: Dan Rides Wayne’s Big Raw Pole

Meet the newest recruit at Active Duty … his name is Wayne, and he’s a hunky soldier in hot pink boxers! Today he enjoys a steamy session that includes Dan riding his huge hard pole! The scene starts off with both guys checking each other out on the bed and working themselves up ’til they are hard. As it progresses, they start to grope each other and kiss, before taking turns slurping on each other’s stiff shafts. Finally, Dan straddles Wayne and stuffs in his big bare shaft into his waiting hole. As he bounces on Wayne’s lap, you can see Dan’s defined back and bubble bottom. After a nice ride and some sexy dirty talk, Wayne dismounts and the pair finish up by letting their loads fly!

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Sean Cody: Stu and Dan and Aidan: Bareback

“Stu’s like one of the top three sexiest guys ever,” Aidan joked. Stu was all for joining in … “If he fucks as good as he gives head …” he laughed. Dan was also excited about being with Stu and Aidan. The guys were all hanging out with each other and chatting with Sean Cody about the up-coming threesome shoot. “I asked if he still had his furry butt,” Aidan said. “Because I really like his furry butt!” … “Yeah my butt’s pretty furry!” Stu replied. Then the guys talked a little bit about what they wanted to do to each other. But it was Stu who pretty much summed it up: “We’re going to pound some butt hole!”

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