Sean Cody: Spencer and Coleman: Bareback

The delightful hunky and bearded Spencer returns to Sean Cody this week to get his “husband-sized” uncut cock wet, deep inside the raw arsehole of the twinky, but seriously hot, and eager lad, Coleman! Things start off with the guys kissing each other passionately, before Coleman drops down and takes Spencer’s uncut cock into his mouth for some oral passions … then Spencer moves his new buddy to the bed and turns him over and rims his tight little man-hole before entering him, bareback, and giving the young man the ride of his life!

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Sean Cody: Coleman and Alexander: Bareback

Sean Cody could immediately see that Alexander was really impressed with Coleman. “There is just something about him,” he said. “He has the whole ‘boy next door’ thing going on!” … Coleman looked at Alexander and smiled as he took his shirt off … “I like that you’re all smooth, it’s sexy!” Alexander said. “Well I was a little bushy down here,” Coleman replied with a blush. “But I cleaned it up for you, I didn’t want you to have to deal with a jungle!” … Coleman slowly started sliding off his shorts. Alexander went in for a kiss … not long after he said … “So,” coming up for air. “You wanna fuck me?” … Coleman laughed. “Yes …”

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Sean Cody: David and Tanner and Bryce and Andy and Coleman and Noel: Bareback Mountain Getaway

Six seriously hot (and all versatile) hunks get together at the Sean Cody Mountain Getaway cabin for some winter fun and bareback sex. Check it out … David gets fucked by Coleman, Tanner gets fucked by Noel, Bryce gets fucked by Andy … then they flip flop and they all get fucked by their respective partners … all bareback! Then it all finishes off with Bryce getting gang-banged by the other guys and a happy, but exhausted group of guys, cum all over him!

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