ChaosMen: Bentley and Truman

Bentley was finally done with his school-work and came out to do a couple shoots for ChaosMen. First they got him to bottom for Armani, the day before this shoot, so as a thank you, today he gets to top and give his own freshly fucked hole a break! Truman was a little sad that he was not going to be top, but only because he had only just recently found the confidence needed to be a top and he wanted to show it off … but not today buddy! Watch as Truman and Bentley get it on, first fondling each other’s hard cock, then sucking them, and 69-ing together, before Bentley takes over and sticks his fat dick into Truman’s tight raw hole!

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ChaosMen: Bentley and Wren: RAW

Bentley was recently on a Holiday Break and ChaosMen were able to get him to come in and stick his big ‘ole cock inside another lad! Wren is turning out to really like guys with big cocks. Hmmm … A size queen in the making … but still seems to play fully on Team Straight when at home. He loves to suck a big dick and Bentley gives him plenty of it. Bentley’s hole gets a proper licking, but it’s still a “No Go” area on that front! Using an upside down position, Bentley slides his hard bare cock right inside Wren’s hungry hole. It just looks massive as it goes into the super lean Wren!

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ChaosMen: Bentley and Vander: RAW

For Monster Cock Week at ChaosMen, they saved the guys with the two biggest cocks for this titanic match! Bentley’s cock is HUGE and is almost a dead ringer for Vander’s cock, tho Vander might just have some extra thickness on him. Vander liked what he saw hanging between Bentley’s legs and gets all piggy bottom after seeing a cock nearly the same dimensions as his own … and he totally wanted to try it on for size!

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