Bare Adventures: Peter Scot and Ricky Boy

Dreaming of what he’ll do to the fit skater in the park, cute young Peter Scot gives the Bare Adventures film crew a run-down of his dream in full close-up hard-core detail and they decided to film it! Ricky, the skater boy in question, turns heads wherever he sails past, and with that tanned smooth skin and tattooed arms and chest, it’s no wonder! Lucky Peter gets him working on his throbbing dick whilst he himself gets his throat fucked by this handsome young kid, both sporting great stiff dicks, the white sofa focusing all our attention on their twinky slim bodies, as they wrap around each other, getting hotter and harder until Ricky takes the lead and slides his deliciously wet dick into the moaning Peter. The feeling of Ricky’s big uncut cock in Peter must be a confusing mix of sheer pleasure and the unknown as he yelps out but still wants more and more, leading to him giving a great release of spunk.

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Bare Adventures: Zac Powers and Max Pool and Marcus Kit

Two horny guys and one hung fucker get together in this scene from Bare Adventures. Zac Powers, with his great big dick, is tied to the bed, seemingly against his will. He’s surrounded by Max Poul and Marcus Kit who both want a piece of this lad and won’t take no for an answer! Making out with him, and over him, they both strip each other naked as Zac watches on helplessly, and then he is stripped naked himself too! Sporting a hard-on however, it’s obvious he’s not totally against the whole idea! The two lads get a hell of a lot out of him, sucking his big dick and even fucking face! Then the hungry arsed Marcus jumps up and then down onto Zac’s raw shaft, sliding the entire length in, as his dick swings and bounces around. Poor Zac unable to do anything to stop himself from fucking this twinks tight hole! Wanting the action too, Max is given sloppy seconds as Zac pulls out of Marcus and straight into Max! The spunky ending is surely the cherry on this three-way fuck cake!

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Bare Adventures: John Horny and Maxim Moira

Bare Adventures brings us more country-side labouring today … this time with a broken down tractor and two twinks eager to fix it up and get into the great outdoors! New face Maxim Moira has a perfect little body, smooth, slightly toned, but slender as anything, with a great big uncut dick swinging between his legs … it stands to attention as his fellow farm-hand works on it with his hot young lips wrapped around the shaft! It’s a real toss-up between who would be best to see get fucked, but Maxim’s delicious dick gets the pleasure of pounding John’s raw arsehole!

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Bare Adventures: Mark Brown and Kevin Ateah

Mark Brown, everyone’s favourite raw-boy, is back at Bare Adventures for more barebacking fun with pretty young twinks getting their butt-holes rammed! This hottie is handsome, tanned, toned and with some hot tattoos and he is busy pasting a wall, but all the while imagining what it would be like to push his work partner, the very young looking Kevin, up against the wall instead! All these dirty thoughts have given him a hard-on, and it’s right in Kevin’s face! It doesn’t take a genius to know they’re gonna be naked within minutes, and as Kevin sucks the life out of Mark’s impressive dick, he only gets it harder and more eager to get into his tight arse!

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