ChaosMen: Armani and Lorenzo: Raw Flip Fuck

Armani and Lorenzo are both straight, but both are eager to please and when paired with the right partner, both guys like topping and bottoming, so ChaosMen knew they would make a great flip-flop pairing. He wanted Lorenzo to turn on his sensual vibe and do a little muscle worship. Then Lorenzo slides down his own underwear and makes Armani suck on his cock. They then lay down, nursing on each other’s cocks in a really hot 69 position. Not long later tho the real action starts, and Lorenzo gets Armani doggy-style and really rims his hole like it is his last meal. He climbs on top and fucks him like a dog. After some serious fucking, Lorenzo needed a bit of a break, so they flip around and Armani fucks him!

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ChaosMen: Armani and Brannon

Armani is back at ChaosMen after taking a couple months off to be with a new girlfriend. Brannon has also returned to today’s massage table scene after some time away too and today he does what he does best – play the of a passive bottom. It seems to suit him, and the guy never complains. And since Armani is a great a top, with his curved cock and sexual stamina, this has all the elements needed to make it a great bareback scene!

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