BelAmiOnline: Antony Lorca and Ryan McKenna

One thing must be said about BelAmiOnline model Antony Lorca, and that is that he is a real smooth operator and is able to charm his way into anyone’s pants in a matter of minutes. It helps here though that Ryan McKenna is not offering up any resistance, but instead probably wants it even more than Antony. Antony as usual excels in his role of top, with Ryan spreading his legs wide to allow for the deepest possible penetration. When he can’t hold on any longer, Antony delivers a huge creamy load onto his mate’s arse before slowly massaging it back inside with his still hard uncut cock.

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BelAmiOnline: Antony Lorca and Nils Tatum

‘Don’t worry, no-one will ever find out’ is a line that BelAmiOnline model Antony Lorca has used with success before, and it seems that it is working again today when he agrees to ‘rescue’ Nils Tatum from a house full of guys that are constantly hitting on him. If you know Antony though, it is very much a case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’. Nils doesn’t seem too worried though and quickly agrees to his buddy’s advances and pretty soon has Antony’s thick cock wedged firmly up inside his butt. As they have the whole house to themselves, they decide to fuck in every room that they can find until Nils finally erupts with a fountain of cum. Antony cums soon after and slutty Nils then fingers Antony’s load back into his satisfied hole.

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