Sean Cody: Abe Returns To Pound Rusty

The Sean Cody film crew reckon Abe has always been a force to reckon with … ever since he started with them over three years ago. Recently, tho it took some convincing, they were able to get Abe back in the studio and when they asked him what type of partner he’d like to be paired with, his only request was, “someone I can fuck through the walls!” They immediately thought of Rusty … he’s be the perfect fit, and as you can see in the images below, they were correct!

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Sean Cody: Abe and Jayden: Bareback

“I could get used to this,” Abe said. “Just come on out, have some sex, and relax!” Sean Cody loved that about Abe … he’s just so easy going! “What do you think about Jayden?” Sean asked. “He’s fun!” Abe replied. “In fact, I even gave him a nickname … ‘fun size!’” … Jayden laughed. “Why do you call him ‘fun size?’ ” Sean quizzed. “Well he’s smaller than I am,” he said. “and I like that!” Sean could tell that Jayden liked Abe too. Every time Abe’s dick went in, Jayden looked like he was in heaven!

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Sean Cody: Abe and Ryan: Bareback

For a guy who Sean Cody thought would never come back, Abe has turned into a really fantastic top! He’s enthusiastic, he’s powerful, and he’s passionate. Plus he has dick that doesn’t stop and he just loves to satisfy his partners, and they’ve all been giving him rave reviews! Today is Ryan’s turn … “Oh my fucking god,” he said, like a little kid getting a new toy … “This is so much fun.” Sean could tell that Ryan was really enjoying himself. He’s a little power bottom and getting the shit fucked out of him bareback by a hot muscle top really made for a very good day!

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