Sweet and Raw: Nikolaj Wassiljew and Pavel Petrow

Category : Sweet & Raw

Blond, slender twink Nikolaj Wassiljew is in bed watching some porn, naked except for his underwear. When dark-haired Pavel Petrow walks in, he quickly joins Nikolaj watching porn. However, his mind soon turns to the real thing and the two are soon taking turns sucking each other off. But there’s really only one way to satisfy true oral cravings and that’s to get into a 69 position. It’s the best way to deep throat and worship those big, hairless balls. Then Pavel primes Nikolaj’s soft, pink fuck hole and mounts and penetrates, taking the twink in all kinds of positions and bare backing the sweet raw hole until both are ready to unload. The Sweet and Raw cameras were present to capture all the hot and horny action!

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