Raw Fuck Boys: Sean and Logan: Chapter 2

Sean pushes his amply muscled ass out for Logan to devour, feeling his tongue lap over his sphincter again and again. With his eyes covered and his hole exposed, he’s completely at the mercy of his alpha top’s carnal desires, a thought that makes him rock hard!

Logan can’t get enough of Sean’s beautiful hole, feeling it pucker as his beard scratches gently against it. Sean’s smooth cheeks feel amazing against Logan’s face, but it’s his insides that the bearded top is eager to enjoy! With a little lube on the end of his cock, Logan slides his hard meat between the beefy globes of Sean’s ass, watching it disappear deep inside his body…

Sean strokes his cock as he feels himself get filled and used by the handsome stranger. He can feel Logan’s tight grip on his ankles, keeping him exactly where he wants him as he breeds his guts deep. And just as he feels his prostate begin to push out his load, Logan grunts out a heavy burst of cum into Sean’s ass, filling him up and claiming his hole!