College Dudes: Trent Ferris Fucks Chris Hewitt

Category : College Dudes

Trent Ferris has become a very popular top guy at College Dudes, and Chris Hewitt is one of the cock-hungriest guys they have seen there in a while … so getting these two together produces some amazing results! Trent and Chris get to know one another a little better before Trent shows Chris his dick-sucking skills. Chris then reciprocates by giving a mean and fast paced blowjob in return, and from the looks on Trent’s face, Chris does a fine job of getting him riled up and ready for the next level. Chris eagerly positions himself on the bed with his arse offered up for Trent. Trent shoves his bare cock into Chris and begins to fuck. Trent goes slow at first but quickly gets into a groove. Chris loves it … and so will you!

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