College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Brad McCallister

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Bryan, an uncut stud from the US Northeast, enjoys travelling … and his next stop is Brad’s tight arse! Bryan and Brad get things started with a sizzling make out session in front of the College Dudes cameras, but Bryan can’t wait to get Brad undressed as he slides his hands all over him. They take each other’s shirts off as they continue to kiss. The two explore each other’s fit bodies as the pants come off! Bryan goes down on Brad, kissing his way down to his waiting cock. He takes Brad’s uncut dick in his mouth and works it like a pro. Then Brad gets on his knees and takes Bryan’s huge dick in his mouth, getting it good and wet as he deep-throats it over and over. Brad takes time to admire Bryan’s cock, sliding his tongue over it one last time before he gets on the bed, ready to take Bryan’s big dick. Bryan gets comfortable on top as he shoves his raw dick in deeper, earning moans of pleasure from Brad.

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