Cocksure Men: Rick McCoy and Dylan Now

Category : Cocksure Men

Rick McCoy is one of the most popular models ever on the Cocksure Men site, so when Rick saw Dylan Now over on their sister site,, he knew right away he wanted Dylan’s bare-cock deep inside his ass. Rick and Dylan take turns swapping spit, sucking cock, and tonguing each others tasty assholes in preparation for their impending bareback romp. Seeing Dylan’s raging hard-on, Rick jumps on top and eases himself slowly onto his raw ram-rod of a cock. Rick sits on Dylan’s full-mast loving every second of Dylan pounding his tight hole. Dylan wants to ensure Rick feels every inch of his fat cock as the guys switch to doggie-style. Rick grasps at the sheets as he gets slammed deep from behind. His tight hole sends Dylan into orgasm and he sprays all over Rick’s beautiful butt. Rick flips over on his back and Dylan licks Rick’s balls, almost immediately causing Rick to spill his seed all over his own tight abs.

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