ChaosMen: Bay and Sinclair: RAW

Category : Cocksure Men

Bay is always down to play with another dude, most especially if he is going to get his arse fucked. Sinclair on the other hand, has some performance issues, and in this shoot today from ChaosMen everyone’s hoping he’s finally put them behind him … the two start by stroking their own cocks, and as soon as Bay gets his fat cock hard and up to full attention, Sinclair quickly puts it in his mouth. Not to be outdone, Bay returns the favour. Sinclair also got very hard while he and Bay were sucking each other off, and it was not long before he pulled his cock out of Bay’s mouth and, to Bay’s surprise, sat right down onto his cock … he thought he was going to be Bottom, but suddenly now he’s the Top! Check it out … hot fuck!

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