Sweet and Raw: Ilya and Piotr Wolkow

Category : Sweet & Raw

During a certain time of the year, the sun never sets in Russia. As a result, the days are long … but the twinks are even longer. This is certainly the case with the slender Piotr Wolkow and Ilya. Piotr gives Ilya a blowjob that’s nice and slow, before giving up his tight, cherry arse to the hung top. At first, Ilya only uses the head of his cock to fuck the bareback virgin. Then he flips the long-haired twink over and sinks more of his thick, uncut tool inside, leaving Piotr with a gaping hole. Piotr eventually winds up riding Ilya to control the rate of penetration and apparently enjoys having a thick throbbing tool inside him because he ends up shooting a massive load all over his own chest before Ilya fires a load off of his own, all over Piotr’s balls … and the Sweet and Raw cameras were there to film every last drop!

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Sweet and Raw: Thor and David Gold: Bareback

Category : Sweet & Raw

Cute twinky Sweet and Raw models Thor and David Gold are enjoying the start of their summer the way countless of young men have done before them: out in the sun, splashing around in the pool. Except that all that frolicking has left them both extremely horny. Thor immediately swallows David’s thick, uncut tool before he gets to experience the same treatment. David is just as hungry for cock as Thor is and also devours the juicy piece of meat owned by his buddy, before playing with his dark-haired buddies sweet, raw hole. Priming Thor with spit and stretching him out with his fingers, David teases the soft ring until he’s ready to fuck. And the bareback fun truly begins!

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Sweet and Raw: Joe Parkes and Timothy Nixon

Category : Sweet & Raw

Sweet and Raw twink Timothy Nixon is relaxing on a chaise lounge when Joe Parkes comes along and oils his body. While applying lotion Joe’s fingers stray and play with Tim’s beautiful ass. After massaging Tim’s plump buns, Joe reaches between Tim’s legs and milks his cock. Tim then rolls over and Joe starts sucking Timmy’s fat, uncut dick. Joe works it over until Tim gets hungry for a juicy cock down his throat. After feeding Tim, Joe then fucks his raw tender hole with his bare cock.

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Sweet and Raw: Thomas Fiaty and Matthew Ross

Category : Sweet & Raw

Super cute blond twink and Sweet and Raw model Thomas Fiaty has a new boyfriend! And not just any boyfriend. Matthew Ross is a beefy jock type with the kind of cock Thomas likes most: big, fat, and uncut. Better still is that Matthew is as much a bareback sex freak as Thomas. Now, in the past, Thomas has been known to top but with Matthew, there’s only one way this is going down … check it out below!

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