Sean Cody: Joshua and Curtis: Bareback: Pt 1

It was mid-morning when Sean Cody and the guys returned to the studio. Sean had taken Joshua and Curtis out to breakfast for some bonding time. They were joking and giggling the whole time, and it was obvious they were hitting it off. The crew were doing a few things to get ready and Sean had to step into the other room for a moment, and when he did he overheard a conversation: “Dude, you’re hot, bro …” … That was definitely Curtis. You can recognize his shy, southern drawl anywhere. “Thanks man!” Joshua replied. “No, seriously,” Curtis whispered. “You’re giving me a total hard on.” … Normally, Curtis is a picky bottom, so Sean was happy that he was this excited so early! Things were shaping up for a great raw shoot! Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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ChaosMen: Kent, Kristopher and Nash RAW

ChaosMen had three eager guys wanting to try something new. Kent was the most nervous, yet ironically stayed hard consistently, whereas Kristopher was excited, especially with the idea of being fucked and sucking a dick. The boy is straight, but he does love to perform, and a little anal stimulation does him good. Nash was a little nervous after seeing Kent’s cock, but then realized he has taken much bigger … overall, a hot video with some super hot oral, nice fucking, and three awesome cumshots!

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ChaosMen: Solomon and Vander: RAW

After two fuck films with ChaosMen where Solomon takes it up the ass, he finally gets a chance to Top! But the funny thing is, after having been fucked twice, you would think he would take it slow, knowing exactly how it feels for a straight mans arsehole to get fucked … but he just shoves it right in like he was fucking a pussy. Thankfully, Vander is no pussy, and rides it out, and then actually starts encouraging him!

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Czech Hunter: Sex In Public: Pt 2

The Czech Hunter cameraman had just left the metro train station when he noticed a young lad nearby. He stopped him near the exit and asked him for a short interview. He was in a hurry but when he heard something about money he was at least willing to listen. He realized very soon what all the talk was about. He said that he was not for sale. But still – as he was broke – he agreed to sell his undies. Not bad for a start. A few minutes later the cameraman saw another young lad. He immediately asked for the cam. Maybe he thought that it was being recorded for the TV. When he started to offer him money for some crazy tasks he was more than willing and agreed to show off his chest and butt. Then he offered him money to compare their dicks. So they went to some nearby bushes and well … check it out.

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