FraternityX: Morgan: Cum Dump

Category : FraternityX

Last Tuesday morning, Morgan was minding his own business lifting weights and listening to music while his FraternityX bros were busy getting drunk. The guys had some morning wood going on, and Morgan’s tight arse was looking pretty good. Three dudes walked over to the bench press and fed him their hard cocks. Holding his head against the weight bar so he couldn’t escape, they face fucked him. Then turned him over and Jansen prepared his pretty boy hole by licking the jock sweat off, then everyone fingered banged the bitch. Finally, they picked him up and carried him to the kitchen counter. Breakfast was served! They gang-banged the hot fucker, and dumped their loads into his hole before sending him off to class.

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FraternityX: Half Time: Ethan and Benny

Category : FraternityX

Super Cool FraternityX bro Ethan was just minding his own business watching football and having a beer when cock hungry Benny rudely interrupted him … to suck on his dick! Ethan let him ride his rock hard cock, and even blew a load in his mouth while keeping an eye on the game. But when Benny wouldn’t leave him alone, he got pissed off, turned the stupid bitch around, and fucked him doggy style … bareback … there are no condoms here!

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FraternityX: Face Down Arse Up

Category : FraternityX

It’s just another Saturday evening over at the FraternityX frat house … lots of booze, drinking and arse-trashing going on as usual! Cowboy passed out with his pants and shoes on … but that didn’t deter anyone … he quickly got stripped naked and assumed the position of house bitch … Face Down … Arse Up … bareback too!

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FraternityX: Pretty Boy: Pt 1

Category : FraternityX

Newbie Zach was a good boy and brought home some freshman arse for the FraternityX bros to snack on. They slipped him some roofies, and dragged his sorry arse onto the floor. They fucked it raw for a bit before dropping their loads in his sweet pretty boy hole.

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