FraternityX: Gagged and Banged

Category : FraternityX

This punk newbie had been shooting his mouth off all over the Fraternity X frat house and everyone was sick of his disrespectful shit. So they decided to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget … plus his arsehole will now be raw and sore for weeks too!

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FraternityX: Tear That Arse Up

Category : FraternityX

Right before the FraternityX guys were supposed to shoot a video for their site, Pike got some bad news from his girlfriend. He thought his frat buddies would be a shoulder to cry on … or some shit … yeah, right, MAN THE FUCK UP you little pussy … now bend over!

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FraternityX: Fuck My Arse Bro

Category : FraternityX

Will had been partying in his room for a couple days. His FraternityX bros occasionally walked in and dumped a couple loads in his arse. But it wasn’t enough, so he wandered into the rec room, lit up a cigarette and bent over the bench press. Some of the guys lifting weights and drinking beers there soon took notice. They laughed, and then took turns pounding his raw hole. Grant got jealous, and bent over the bench press hoping for the same thing to happen to him. So all guys ended up dumping their loads in his hot tight arse too!

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FraternityX: Take That Dick, Bitch!

Category : FraternityX

FraternityX guys Stiffer and his buddy got super wasted recently. After trashing Mike’s hole, they threw him off the bed and went after Matt, who had been video taping the entire time. They ripped his clothes off, and thought he would be more pretty as a girl. So they put a wig on the bitch and called her Crystal and fucked her raw!

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