FraternityX: Smoking Cock

Category : FraternityX

As usual pretty boy Morgan got really trashed at a party last weekend. A couple of the FraternityX guys saw an opportunity to take advantage of him, so they led him to a sofa. He was seriously face fucked for almost half an hour until they took turns rimming his pretty hole before pounding it hard and finally cum dumping their loads deep inside him. Party hard!

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FraternityX: Worked Out Hole

Category : FraternityX

Jansen got really drunk last weekend and started talking shit about some of the seniors. So Andy grabbed him by his pretty blond hair and dragged him off the sofa. Some of the other FraternityX guys held him down while Andy shaved his head, then put his hot tight arse on the bench press and prepared it for a good fucking. Sucking and licking the hole, till it was all wet and warm inside. It was ready for a hard fucking. Andy’s big fat cock fucked that bad attitude right out of him. Then Morgan’s long beautiful piece of meat took its turn. Hopefully Jansen learned his lesson … but perhaps not!

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FraternityX: Half Time: Ethan and Benny

Category : FraternityX

Super Cool FraternityX bro Ethan was just minding his own business watching football and having a beer when cock hungry Benny rudely interrupted him … to suck on his dick! Ethan let him ride his rock hard cock, and even blew a load in his mouth while keeping an eye on the game. But when Benny wouldn’t leave him alone, he got pissed off, turned the stupid bitch around, and fucked him doggy style … bareback … there are no condoms here!

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FraternityX: Ryan: Cum Dumpster

Category : FraternityX

During a recent mixer, Ryan got really liquored up and passed out on his way upstairs. Everyone from the FraternityX frat house naturally took turns using his hole. You know the usual … each of the guys dropped a hot frat boy load into his cum dumpster. They all say “Thanks for a good time Ryan!”

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