FraternityX: Fucked Ur Bitch

Category : FraternityX

According to one of the FraternityX bros, Marcus fucked one of the guy’s girl. Fuck that dude! So they threw his ass onto the sofa and stuffed both holes with their hard college meat. Pierce came back from the store with brewskies just in time for a piece of that hot ass. They dragged him across the room to finish him off. Dumped their loads all over his pretty face then threw his ass into some empty beer cans. Done. Pounding holes is a full time job in this house. These guys are working overtime …

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FraternityX: No Means Yes

Category : FraternityX

Anthony has been in the FraternityX frat for almost a year. When the rest of the guys first met this kid, he was selling weed on campus. Ever since he moved in, he can’t get enough of their cocks. This dude is sucking dick 24/7, and he pretends to not like it. Occasionally he gets fucked raw too. Such is the case in this video today. Come on Anthony, everyone knows you like it … just admit it!

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FraternityX: The Initiation

Category : FraternityX

Anthony first met Myles while taking a Biology class at the local College. He caught him checking out some other dudes butt in between classes. After a couple weeks of buttering him up, this piece of boy meat was primed and ready for anything. Anthony invited him over to FraternityX for his official no-holds-barred, raw and raunchy initiation. Everyone in this Frat fucking loves College!

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FraternityX: Ryan: Cum Dumpster

Category : FraternityX

During a recent mixer, Ryan got really liquored up and passed out on his way upstairs. Everyone from the FraternityX frat house naturally took turns using his hole. You know the usual … each of the guys dropped a hot frat boy load into his cum dumpster. They all say “Thanks for a good time Ryan!”

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