FraternityX: Party Foul 4

Category : FraternityX

One morning recently over at the FraternityX house, Carter had hit the Vodka bottle pretty hard overnight. A couple of the other lads woke up with morning woody’s and found him passed out on the couch. Naturally, Grant and Kyle went at Carter’s hole for a good part of the morning, pounding and fucking his drunk raw arse. But Kyle wanted more, and grabbed Grant’s tight little college boy butt and started arse pounding that too! Both the guys serviced Kyle for a couple more hours, until they both dumped their loads in Carter’s hole. They knew the rule … you pass out – you get fucked!

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FraternityX: Hot Mess

Category : FraternityX

Morgan, a freshman, was out for a jog when some of the FraternityX boys invited him over for a drink. He wasn’t in the mood for getting drunk, so when he wasn’t looking they spiked it with a little something extra. This boy slut couldn’t get enough of their dicks … in his mouth and up his raw butt. He seemed to enjoy it and he will likely be back for more!

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FraternityX: Gagged and Banged

Category : FraternityX

This punk newbie had been shooting his mouth off all over the Fraternity X frat house and everyone was sick of his disrespectful shit. So they decided to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget … plus his arsehole will now be raw and sore for weeks too!

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FraternityX: Tear That Arse Up

Category : FraternityX

Right before the FraternityX guys were supposed to shoot a video for their site, Pike got some bad news from his girlfriend. He thought his frat buddies would be a shoulder to cry on … or some shit … yeah, right, MAN THE FUCK UP you little pussy … now bend over!

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