CockyBoys: Aiden Ward and Nico Leon: Bareback

There’s more condom-free fun at the Camp CockyBoys pool, this time with Nico Leon and Aiden Ward! After getting Aiden hard and teasing his big cock, Nico gets him to suck him while floating atop the huge peacock pool inflatable. Soon Aiden climbs aboard the raft to relentlessly suck Nico so well that Nico just has to pleasure him right back. BUT, Aiden wants more. Aiden flips over Nico to rim his hot hole and get it wet for a raw fucking. Aiden slides in his cock and fucks him slow and deep, but soon picks up speed with a rhythm created by the rocking pool toy.

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CockyBoys: Declan Blake and Aiden Ward

Meet sexy Declan Blake who is making his studio porn debut at CockyBoys with Aiden Ward! As you’ll find out, their happy chemistry is the result of some hot previous experiences and just reminiscing about it brings them joy … and gets Aiden rock hard! And so, after some brief making out Declan is eager to start sucking him. Declan savours all of Aiden’s cock and hungrily sucks his big balls, licks his pits and nipples and makes out with him again. They soon get locked into hot 69, in which Declan deep-throats Aiden and keeps at it even as he gags. reflex kicks in. Aiden’s desire for Declan’s memorable hole takes over and with Declan bent over the bureau he tongue-fucks and cock-teases it, all to Declan’s vocal delight before he pounds him.

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