Cocksure Men: Dick Keissie Barebacks Arnold Veransk

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Hot young stud Arnold Veransk walks out of a lake stark naked … nearby Cocksure Men model and muscle jock Dick Keissie is also naked and waiting for him, jerking on his uncut cock. As soon as they are together they start kissing passionately and then Arnold moves down to suck on Dick’s peter for a while before they move to a more private location to continue their sex escapade. They 69, with Dick on top, then Dick turns around and thrusts his butt into the air, ready for Arnold’s tongue. Arnold eats Dick’s hole like crazy. Then they lie down next to each other, spooning, and Dick barebacks Arnold tight arsehole from behind.

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Cocksure Men: Paul Fresh Barebacks Marek Tanker

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Muscle jocks Paul Fresh and Marek Tanker from Cocksure Men, both sporting their soccer uniforms, kiss and feel each other up … enjoying each other’s chiselled bodies. Marek takes his shorts off and Paul sucks Marek’s uncut dick while flexing his biceps. Then Marek takes his turn and face fucks his buddy. He wraps his lips around the hard cock while he strokes his own uncircumcised piece. Then Marek gets on all fours revealing his tight arsehole. Paul, entranced by the view, starts to smack and finger Marek’s hole. They kiss before Marek rides Paul’s cock … totally bareback.

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Cocksure Men: Rick McCoy and Dylan Now

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Rick McCoy is one of the most popular models ever on the Cocksure Men site, so when Rick saw Dylan Now over on their sister site,, he knew right away he wanted Dylan’s bare-cock deep inside his ass. Rick and Dylan take turns swapping spit, sucking cock, and tonguing each others tasty assholes in preparation for their impending bareback romp. Seeing Dylan’s raging hard-on, Rick jumps on top and eases himself slowly onto his raw ram-rod of a cock. Rick sits on Dylan’s full-mast loving every second of Dylan pounding his tight hole. Dylan wants to ensure Rick feels every inch of his fat cock as the guys switch to doggie-style. Rick grasps at the sheets as he gets slammed deep from behind. His tight hole sends Dylan into orgasm and he sprays all over Rick’s beautiful butt. Rick flips over on his back and Dylan licks Rick’s balls, almost immediately causing Rick to spill his seed all over his own tight abs.

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Cocksure Men: Ali and Jake Andrews: Bareback

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Ali and Jake Andrews are already in a lip-lock when the Cocksure Men camera first finds them. Jake’s a young, tall, beefy red head with bulging muscles and a massive dick. Ali is a ripped middle-eastern stud with chiselled abs and piercing almond eyes. Ali can barely open his mouth wide enough to fit Jake’s whole dick in, but he sure has fun trying. After they explore each other’s bodies, Ali is most interested in getting his cock into Jake’s hairy hole. Jake lets out a moan of delight as Ali slides inside his butt bareback and starts to pound away.

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