Bare Adventures: Peter Scot and Ricky Boy

Category : Bare Adventures

Dreaming of what he’ll do to the fit skater in the park, cute young Peter Scot gives the Bare Adventures film crew a run-down of his dream in full close-up hard-core detail and they decided to film it! Ricky, the skater boy in question, turns heads wherever he sails past, and with that tanned smooth skin and tattooed arms and chest, it’s no wonder! Lucky Peter gets him working on his throbbing dick whilst he himself gets his throat fucked by this handsome young kid, both sporting great stiff dicks, the white sofa focusing all our attention on their twinky slim bodies, as they wrap around each other, getting hotter and harder until Ricky takes the lead and slides his deliciously wet dick into the moaning Peter. The feeling of Ricky’s big uncut cock in Peter must be a confusing mix of sheer pleasure and the unknown as he yelps out but still wants more and more, leading to him giving a great release of spunk.

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