Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Pub

Category : Czech Hunter

It was late in the day and the park where the Czech Hunter searches for lads willing to be filmed was almost empty, there was just one small pub still open. He took a peak through the window but saw nothing cute. He was about to leave when he noticed a young guy was leaving the place. He went up to him and tried his luck. He wasn’t very talkative … but when he saw all the bills he agreed to dance around a lamp in the snow. Naked of course. A promising start …

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FraternityX: Get That Arse Bro

Category : FraternityX

The lads from the FraternityX frat house like to shoot good quality videos for their members … after all, it pays their rent! So today, when AJ got wasted and kept interrupting their filming, they got upset with him! Stiffer threw him on the ground, held him down and tied the dumb ass to a bench press. Then the lads dumped their loads in and on him for the next couple of hours!

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Boys Halfway House: Charlie Bronson: Swinging In His Batting Cage

Category : Boys Halfway House

As everyone knows, aside from death and taxes, rent is right up there on the list of the inevitable things in life for younger people. The way some of these residents act, however, you’d think they’d never heard of paying rent in their life. They are late, they don’t have it all, they beg for more time to pay, etc … and that’s exactly the type of guy Charlie Bronson is. He refuses to get a job, and the little money he gets a hold of he seems to spend on video games and over-priced protein powder. It’s amazing that after all the House Managers at the Boys Halfway House do for these guys, they just don’t see the value of keeping their financial commitments more secure. Anyway, they told him if he didn’t pay regular rent, they would have to work something else out for payment, and he is wise enough to know exactly what that meant! This week is pay week, and Charlie soon finds out that paying rent like this turns out to be more painful than he anticipated!

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Czech Hunter: The Soccer Lad

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter thinks that Soccer is one of the straightest of all sports. And when it comes to lads, he especially likes soccer players the most. When he saw this lad the other the morning, he knew he was a soccer player … he had those brown eyes and black, dark hair, and though he looked self-confident, he was in fact quite shy. He offered him a casting for some model job and indeed he seemed interested … a lot! Well, when he finally stripped the cameraman found out the shyness was momentary … things just got hotter from there on!

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