Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad From The University

Category : Czech Hunter

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to try his luck at the local University. Plenty of young, cute and money-less guys to be found there, for sure! He spied his target straight away. Leaving the library, there was a cute lad walking in his direction. He was in his first year. Bit shy, but quite communicative at the same time. Living at a dorm and in a need of money … plus great looking … Justin Bieber or Zac Efron can go fuck themselves! After some small talk, our cameraman offered him 3,000 CZK for his underwear. And he went for it. Encouraged with this success, he moved to the main event and invited him to a hotel. His answer, and what followed, was just great bareback sex!

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Sketchy Sex: It’s Never Enough

Category : Sketchy Sex

The guys from Sketchy Sex had been watching porn and fucking each other’s brains out all night. A couple random guys dropped in and dropped their loads off, but not much else happened. They were getting desperate. Then sometime the following morning, Eli invited this really hot stud, with a big 9 inch cock over. Seems he found him on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. By then everyone was so horny! The dudes had a smoking hot body, and big rock hard dick. This guy dropped three loads in three arseholes … one after the other!

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BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell and Florian Nemec

Category : BelAmiOnline

For those of you who have been missing Mick Lovell in action, BelAmiOnline have a treat for you this festive season!. When Florian Nemec and Mick arrive back at their house in South Africa they are a little surprised to see that someone has set up a bed for them in the living room. Both guys are bright enough to take the hint and immediately start putting it to some good use. Florian does what he enjoys most, fucking a hot arse … condom-free!

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Czech Hunter: The Fitness Trainer

Category : Czech Hunter

It has been quite a while since the Czech Hunter went down to his local fitness centre looking for lads to film. So when he saw this guy today with his typical fitness bag and the muscular build, he just had to stop and ask him for a short interview in front of him cam. He told him that he was working on a project about people and their jobs. The young guy said that he is a fitness trainer and the cameraman was instantly totally crazy for him. Well, now it was just a question of money, or how much money, it would take for our dirty cameraman to get his way with this hot fit lad …

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