BelAmiOnline: Tom Rogers and Nate Donaghy and Riff Dornan: Bareback Threesome

Category : BelAmiOnline

Put Tom Rogers in any scene and you are pretty much guaranteed to have some pretty intense fucking. He is truly an insatiable bottom. This week BelAmiOnline, he is in the middle of Nate Donaghy and HUNGarian, Riff Dornan. This scene is all about giving Tom pleasure and satisfying him in every way, a goal to which Riff and Nate apply themselves with all the dedication of a pair of puppies chewing their favourite bone. As it is Tom’s day, both tops are on their best behaviour and wait until Tom cums first before shooting their own impressive loads.

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Mormon Boyz: Elder Dial and Elder Packer and President Lewis (Joel Someone): Dispensation

Category : Missionary Boyz

As President Lewis becomes more and more ravenous for the bodies of young Missionary Boyz models Elder Packer and Elder Dial, the handsome lads attempt to satisfy his sexual appetite. Elder Dial holds Elder Packer’s ankles over his head while President Lewis plows the lad’s raw fuck- hole, penetrating deep into him. Then, Lewis breeds the lad with his creamy cum load!

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Czech Hunter: Exotic Lad Totally Enjoyed The Experience

Category : Czech Hunter

The young men the Czech Hunter cameraman manages to convince to have sex with him do not always enjoy the experience. They usually take his money and endure the process. However, sometimes he does encounter someone who has a fun time. Well today, this exotic looking dude was exactly the case. Our cameraman met him on his way to the gym and managed to bribe him into some nasties pretty easily. The guy was still at school so money was tight but he was pretty sure the lad would do it for free if pushed. He had an absolute blast the whole time! He had a nice muscular figure and a huge dick that got hard almost instantaneously. First, he got his mouth stuffed with hard cock and then his butthole got rammed nice and deep … and bareback too!

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Sean Cody: Brysen and Ernie: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

It’s the perfect day at the park for hotties Brysen and Ernie as they play hackysack, roughhouse and joke around together in front of the Sean Cody cameras, and, of course, they caress each other’s bodies in the shade. When they get back to the privacy of the house, they start kissing passionately right away before stripping down. Ernie sucks Brysen’s hard dick and Brysen spins the tan bottom around to tongue his hole and slide his cock deep inside. “I love watching it go in your fucking hole,” Brysen growls as he sits back and enjoys the show as Ernie rides his dick till Brysen feeds him his cum!

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