Mormon Boyz: Elder Dial and Elder Packer and President Lewis (Joel Someone): Dispensation

As President Lewis becomes more and more ravenous for the bodies of young Missionary Boyz models Elder Packer and Elder Dial, the handsome lads attempt to satisfy his sexual appetite. Elder Dial holds Elder Packer’s ankles over his head while President Lewis plows the lad’s raw fuck- hole, penetrating deep into him. Then, Lewis breeds the lad with his creamy cum load!

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Czech Hunter: Exotic Lad Totally Enjoyed The Experience

The young men the Czech Hunter cameraman manages to convince to have sex with him do not always enjoy the experience. They usually take his money and endure the process. However, sometimes he does encounter someone who has a fun time. Well today, this exotic looking dude was exactly the case. Our cameraman met him on his way to the gym and managed to bribe him into some nasties pretty easily. The guy was still at school so money was tight but he was pretty sure the lad would do it for free if pushed. He had an absolute blast the whole time! He had a nice muscular figure and a huge dick that got hard almost instantaneously. First, he got his mouth stuffed with hard cock and then his butthole got rammed nice and deep … and bareback too!

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FraternityX: Fucked Ur Bitch

According to one of the FraternityX bros, Marcus fucked one of the guy’s girl. Fuck that dude! So they threw his ass onto the sofa and stuffed both holes with their hard college meat. Pierce came back from the store with brewskies just in time for a piece of that hot ass. They dragged him across the room to finish him off. Dumped their loads all over his pretty face then threw his ass into some empty beer cans. Done. Pounding holes is a full time job in this house. These guys are working overtime …

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Sean Cody: Clyde and Ayden: Bareback

Hiking through the woods, playing badminton in a meadow, and flexing their cut muscles, hotties Ayden and Clyde are feeling pretty frisky even before they get back to the Sean Cody house where they can play to their hearts’ content. “I’m excited. That arse!” says Clyde, but before he has a chance to get his hands on it, Ayden is sucking his cock. When Clyde can’t wait any longer, he pounds that big dick into Ayden’s tight raw hole, and the cutie’s big booty brings out a load that impresses both of them! “You made me cum a lot, congratulations,” laughs Clyde. “You’re the Jackson Pollock of cum!” Ayden jokes.

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