Sketchy Sex: Fuck It Back In

One of the guys from Sketchy Sex posted an ad online and this big dicked dude with tatts shows up. He’s drilling the bottom’s hole when one of the other roomies hook-ups also shows up. This new dude has a big ten inch cock, and both guys tag team the same guy. As one guy rode his arsehole, the other guy dropped his load in the bottom’s mouth. The dick in the arse busts a load and the bottom guy hops off, lays on his back, pushes the cum out, then tells the top guy to ‘fuck it back into me’! Hot scene!

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Sean Cody: Troy and Jarek: Bareback

Sean Cody seems to think that Troy was a little nervous about taking Jarek’s big dick, so Jarek used his tongue to prep Troy’s hole a bit longer than usual. Seems Troy was enjoying it as he commented … “Damn, I’m working up a sweat over here!” … “Let’s do that some more!” Jarek simply smiled mischievously and then shoved his tongue back into Troy’s hole. Jarek was eager to fuck, and once they got going Troy’s nerves faded and he really started enjoying himself. “Damn, he can fuck an ass!” Troy said, looking back at Jarek.

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FraternityX: No Means Yes

Anthony has been in the FraternityX frat for almost a year. When the rest of the guys first met this kid, he was selling weed on campus. Ever since he moved in, he can’t get enough of their cocks. This dude is sucking dick 24/7, and he pretends to not like it. Occasionally he gets fucked raw too. Such is the case in this video today. Come on Anthony, everyone knows you like it … just admit it!

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