Halfway House XXX: James Dickson: No-Good Prick Gets Loads On Both Ends

Category : Halfway House XXX

James Dickson is a 21 year old prick who has missed curfew one too many times. The Halfway House XXX cameraman enlisted the help of the new assistant House Manager to take care of this little fucker. With him out of his clothes and onto the bed, they both used this piece of str8 crap as the only thing he is good for, which is to suck cock like a little bitch and get his butt raw-dogged … and even though he looked pissed off that his evening was being disturbed, he did his job like a good slut he is!

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Sean Cody: Kellin and Joey: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Kellin and Joey rolled up to this Sean Cody shoot on a motorcycle and they couldn’t have looked any sexier … except for when they were shirtless running around a nearby baseball field pitching and catching balls together!
The cameraman asked them …
“Who’s better at baseball?” … they both raised their hands.
“Who’s a better catcher?” … they both pointed at the each other.
“Who’s a better pitcher?” … they both pointed to themselves …
and it was obvious neither of them were talking about baseball anymore!

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Mormon Boyz: Elder Buckley and Elder Riley: Companionship Inventory

Category : Mormon Boyz

“Companionship Inventory” is a time for Mormon Boyz Elder Buckley and Elder Riley to get to know each other, inside and out! And that’s exactly what these two hotties do … kissing, getting naked together, arsehole fingering, cock sucking , bareback fucking, breeding with plenty of cum helps them get to know each other really well, plus it also makes these two real good friends!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Skylar and Stone

Category : Guys In Sweatpants

Skylar and Stone are just two regular guys from the Alabama. They enjoy the finer things in life … such as cooking, video games, fucking and hiking in the woods. They were kind enough to invite the Guys In Sweatpants crew over to film them at some of their favourite places to go hiking … then they took them home and let them film them passionately fucking each other … raw.

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