Czech Hunter: The Twink Against Smoking

Category : Czech Hunter

Times are getting colder for the Czech Hunter cameraman recently, especially the evenings, as a friend told him about a cute guy, just turned 18 years old, and the best way to meet him is right after his evening football-training finishes. So our horny cameraman waited in the cold for about half an hour. But nobody was leaving the stadium. Then he noticed a young guy collecting signatures … he was asking anyone he saw to sign a petition against smoking in the stadium. Long story short … after a short chat our cameraman found out that he was just a student getting paid for this. 900 CZK for a whole day in the cold. You can imagine that he didn’t hesitate too long when he was offered him 2000 CZK just for having a quick look at his cock. He considered took longer to consider the second proposal, as it was much more weird … but in the end he agreed … look below to see what happened!

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ChaosMen: Bjorn and Cooper Reed and Pax: Bareback Threesome

Category : ChaosMen

Bjorn was eager to get started filming for ChaosMen, and they knew the guy could handle a lot of cock! So they put him with Pax and Cooper Reed … all together in this hot threesome! Bjorn was set to be the bottom and Cooper and Pax would use him as they desired!

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Sean Cody: Curtis and Pete: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Sean Cody

Curtis and Pete were over with Sean Cody recently to film this amazingly hot flip fuck … totally bareback too. It is a sight to behold, watching the gorgeous bi-curious Pete as he rims Curtis’s arsehole in preparation of fucking it raw with his nice long cut cock … and then later, when the boys switch about, it will make you cream your pants!

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UK Naked Men: Ryan Cage and Troy Vara: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : UK Naked Men

Just before the Christmas break, UK Naked Men give us a good, long, hard look at this fantasy scenario of what’s happening in Teacher Ryan Cage’s class! Troy Vara is an eager pupil, but he’s just not got what it takes in the brain stakes, he’s gonna have to make up those grades somehow! Troy’s a stunning blonde with pale blue eyes and a broad muscular body, a stiff, uncircumcised cock and a willing hole! This dark haired cutie is also a very versatile fuck … and that’s exactly what’s about to happen here … check it out below … plus it’s all bareback too!

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