Active Duty: Arron and Ivan James: Bareback

Category : Active Duty

After some warming up, both guys get naked and jerk their cocks for a little while. Then, to the Active Duty cameraman’s surprise, Arron is first to jump down on Ivan James’s cock. He manned right up and took the first bullet! By the looks of it, Ivan is quite impressed with Arron’s first attempt at pleasuring a guy with his mouth too! Soon Ivan returns the favour and later the guys even kiss! Then it’s time to really get down and dirty, and we get to see what happens when Arron fucks his first male arsehole … totally bareback too!

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BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert

Category : BelAmiOnline

It was only a matter of time before BelAmiOnline paired these two young stars … who both have the biggest dicks. They are, of course, Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert. They are a great fit for one another physically and together wield a gorgeous pair giant uncut cocks! The guys playfully check out each others big cocks and try their best to deep throat one another. Jack wins the size contest and tops the sweet bubble ass of Roger condom free.

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Active Duty: Seth and Gage: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Active Duty

Gage, the smiling soldier from Active Duty is back again and this time he’s breaking in a much newer recruit, Seth. The guys get down to just their undies and then Seth goes down for a nice sampling of Gage’s sweet cock. He pulls it out and gets to plumping up that tasty dick. Gage’s fatty starts popping up nicely and he removes his boxer shorts the rest of the way. He moves over to have a taste of Seth’s hardening boner for a few licks before going up on his knees to allow Seth better access to his delicious erection. The guys move into a nice 69, where Seth get to bury his face deep between Gage’s tight arse cheeks. This of course is the lead up to Seth slapping his mammoth boner on Gage’s hole, teasing it a little, then pushing it in nice and slow, the only way a dick that big can possibly enter such a tight poop-shute. Then later they swap around and enjoy a nice flip fuck before the cummy finale!

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BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol and Marcel Gassion

Category : BelAmiOnline

This beautiful scene was shot in a stunning beach villa in South Africa and features two of the most popular BelAmiOnline models Kevin Warhol and Marcel Gassion. Both of these guys are naturally sensual lovers which is obvious in this, their first scene together. There’s lots of kissing, caressing and tenderness leading to Marcel bottoming in several different positions for Kevin …

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