Active Duty: Quentin and Michael: Bareback

Category : Active Duty

This is a gem of a match up from Active Duty. Two of their favourite recent recruits, Quentin and Michael, finally together and a hot, raw fuck session … check it out!

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ChaosMen: Hayden and Jamison RAW

Category : ChaosMen

It was time for Jamison to get fucked, and for his first time ChaosMen wanted someone smooth and who could stay hard so there would be no rushing to shove it in before it goes down type of Trauma. Hayden was the man as he is very good about actually getting the other dude aroused and almost begging to do whatever he wants. Its a subtle vibe or energy, but you can see Jamison is just taken by Hayden, and with all the sexual tension, he got fucked easily. Hayden’s dick never wilts the entire time, and that seemed to turn Jamison on even more.

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Active Duty: Evan and Tim: Raw Flip Fuck

Category : Active Duty

Remember Evan? What a cutie-pie! Well, he’s back here with Active Duty today with the shredded Tim for a super-hot bareback flip flop fuck! Check it out!

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ChaosMen: Darius and Eli and Solomon: RAW Tag Team

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen thinks maybe Darius is happiest with a dick in his mouth AND another in his ass! He is definitely an enigma. Identifies as straight, has a girlfriend, watches straight porn to get hard, but geeez, when he is on the gay porn set, he sure looks like he is having fun in every way possible! Same could be said for Eli I guess. He just knows how to have a good time, with a boy or a girl. Solomon, on the other hand, still is a little timid about taking charge. This was his first time pushing his boundaries with two other dudes. Before the shoot started he was concerned about “all that cock flying around.” … Turns out, all they had to do was make him the centre of attention to start with. Having his dick sucked by two eager mouths got him going, and he got off to sucking dick while having his own cock sucked. This is an awesome Tag Team with three guys pushing it to the max!

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