Czech Hunter: College Lad Gets Fucked

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman has a liking for College students and he often hunts for them around the local Colleges … Today the area out the front of a college campus wasn’t all that overcrowded as it was already late afternoon when he arrived and most of he most guys there were sitting together in groups. Only four or five cuties were alone. So he went straight to one of them and took a seat at his table. He wasn’t so friendly in the beginning. He was starring at the cam. But when he told him that this is a little project where he could make good money he quickly agreed to suck off the cameraman in a nearby toilet … then things just got better and hotter and hornier!

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Sean Cody: Stu and Spencer

Category : Sean Cody

Stu and Spencer are two totally ripped and masculine guys who got together recently over at Sean Cody for a bareback fuck session … it’s super hot … check it out!

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Czech Hunter: The Virgin Twink From The Park

Category : Czech Hunter

The weather is nice again for the Czech Hunter and so he’s returned to his favourite park. Sunshine usually means there will be a lot of hot guys out and about. So it didn’t take too long to get into contact with the right one. He found one who was willing to show his private parts … Mr.Right for today. Cute, shy, just 18 years old and … a virgin. Oh my goodness! Not for much longer!

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Sketchy Sex: Fuck His Load In: Part 2

Category : Sketchy Sex

The Sketchy Sex team have been getting a lot of emails recently from anxious Site Members wanted to know when Part 2 of “Fuck His Load In” was coming out! They didn’t want to disappoint, so here it is … and it was worth the wait! When we last saw Nate, he had just taken about half a dozen loads, but was still hungry for more … so the revolving door of tops started with Nate again bent over and oh so willingly, taking a shitload more of these guy’s cocks … and their multiple cum loads!

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